Art By Lerri - Favorite Links

Here are some of our favorite links.

Interview on Torrance Cable Show
The Torrance cable show I was interviewed on.

The Guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California.

Judith Baer
Member of The Artist’s Studio creating original wearable art and is also an accomplished watercolorist.

Dael Patton
Member of The Artist’s Studio creating unique abstract paintings in oil and collage.

Karen Pester
Slumped/Fused Glass
Member of The Artist’s Studio making beautiful, colorful art from glass.

Margaret Schultz
Member of The Artist’s Studio intricate woven baskets expertly crafted.

Jean Stephenson
Member of The Artist’s Studio creating sculpture in ceramics and soft material, fun to look at.

Mark Tanner

Member of The Artist’s Studio beautiful photographic art.                                                                                 

The Artist’s Studio
Local SoCal Artists
A co-operative of 70+ artists in all media from around Southern Calif primarily southern LA county. Lerri is a proud member of The Artist’s Studio.

Torrance Artist’s Guild
Local SoCal Artists
Club for amateur and professional local artist. Lerri is a member of many years.

Margaret Mohr
Member of the Artist's Studio creating beautiful and unique watercolors.

Sheer Lark Farm
SheerLark Farm is a diversified, sustainable, family farm located on Sand Mountain in northeastern Alabama.

Other Fun Links

Lana and Tony
Western Line Dance
If you are into line dancing and are visiting the Tucson area, check this web site for class and event information.

Margi Lebold
X-stitch Natal Charts
Like cross stitch? Read your horoscope? Margi has created a beautiful pattern that will be unique to each person combining your or your friend’s natal chart on an easy to follow cross stitch chart.