Art By Lerri - For Hire

Lerri is a visual artist, specialzing in acrylics, watercolor, and pastel representations of the natural world. Lerri is also available to do work for hire.

Have you ever been stuck for an idea on what to give as a gift? Giving a gift of original art is a special gift that is not soon forgotten and it can be made extra special if it is a favorite place, a favorite pet or something that holds special meaning for the receiver.

I specialize in the following areas: Pet or Animal Portraits, Home, Business or Boat Portraits, Garden or Landscape. They can be done in the following media: Acrylic, Graphite (pencil), Pastel or Watercolor. I do not work in oils as I am allergic to them. At this time I do not offer portraits of people, but hope to offer it in the future.

If you see something in my gallery that you like, but it's either no longer available, or you'd like it in a different size, let me know. I recently had someone inquire about my "Palos Verdes Lighthouse With a Twist" watercolor, which had just sold the week before. I created a larger version for the client, and it came out beautifully (click in the image at right to see the new work).

While I can’t quote exact prices for commissioned work because prices will very due to complexity and size, simple, 8” x 10” paintings can be under $100.

I can work from a favorite photo or photos but, because of copyright laws, I cannot work directly from another artist’s or photographer’s work without their written permission, though I can use them as reference.

It will take approximately 6 - 8 weeks to deliver, so keep this in mind when considering a commissioned painting – from me or any other artist – it takes time to design and create a piece of artwork, rushing a piece will not satisfy anyone.

If you are interested in commissioned art, please fill out the form on the contact page and I will get back to as soon as possible.