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Lerri is a visual artist, specialzing in acrylics, watercolor, and pastel representations of the natural world.

You can contact Lerri at, or by using the form below. To order art from this site, choose the piece(s) you're interested in below, and we'll contact you for payment information.

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If interested in purchasing art from this site, please indicate here which piece(s):
A Peck of Pretty Peppers $350.00
Abstract Iris $100.00
Autumn Aspen $425.00
Bandits at 5 O'Clock $375.00
Beautiful Boulders $500.00
Bend at Malaga Cove $250.00
Black Orchid $275.00
Boulders in Alabama Hills $250.00
Chip Shot $150.00
Daffodils on Blue $50.00
Darwin Falls Death Valley (pastel) $200.00
Darwin Falls Death Valley (wc) $175.00
Designer Dantura $275.00
Do Not Touch! $425.00
Do You Want a Piece of Me? $400.00
Eggplant for Sale $400.00
Elegance $200.00
Eloquence $200.00
Epis in Hanging Pot $150.00
Fountain at Lunada Bay $250.00
The Good Magnolia $375.00
Grey Mare $175.00
Hot Pink $400.00
I Wanted a Hot Tub! $150.00
Just Peachy (pastel) $450.00
Just Peachy (acrylic) $250.00
Looking for Love $175.00
Madrona Study $250.00
Market Day $650.00
Mission Life $325.00
My Myers $300.00
Neptune At Malaga Cove $300.00
Night Hunter $275.00
Old Lighthouse, San Diego $75.00
Pastel Peppers $100.00
Peaceful Lake $275.00
Point Vincentes Panorama $375.00
Poppy and Bud $50.00
Preening Crane (acrylic) $750.00
Preening Crane (pastel) $600.00
PV Lighthouse with Twist $275.00
Rain Bells $250.00
Red Canoe $250.00
Red, White and Beautiful $400.00
Red and Green Bells $125.00
Redondo Pan Player $150.00
Redondo Vendor $150.00
Reflection $400.00
Rhyolite Train Station $150.00
Scotty's Truck $375.00
Seattle Shoe in Pastel Too! $400.00
Set of Both Cranes (acrylic) $1,400.00
Set of Both Cranes (pastel) $1,100.00
Shaolin $200.00
Snow Run $75.00
Spring Crocus $50.00
Spring Daffodils $50.00
Spring Magnolia $70.00
Spring in Mardrona Marsh $300.00
Standing Crane (pastel) $750.00
Standing Crane (acrylic) $600.00
View of Bluff Cove $250.00
Want to Play? $275.00
What's for Dinner? $400.00
Wolf Peach Escape $250.00
Zabriski View $200.00
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